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Chiropractic New Zealand

The New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association (NZCA) was founded in 1922 to support and mentor practitioners. They have been diligently serving their members for over 100 years, but felt it was time to also promote the benefits of chiropractic to the general public.

Our unique brand-building process gave the Association the confidence and tools to tell the real story of chiropractic. By taking a different approach, we could begin shifting public perception and re-position the reputation of an entire profession.

Services •

Brand architecture
Brand strategy
Visual Identity
Story & messaging
Website design
Digital marketing



Clarify the vision •

Brand architecture
Visual identity

Attempting to serve both chiropractic professionals and the average public simoultaneouly would only confuse communications. So we proposed building a new brand that would be purely public facing, leaving the Association to remain an authority for the industry.

The brand identity was thoughtfully designed to work in partnership with the NZCA. Inspiration came from the Association’s orignal logo combined with dynamic and fluid elements that reflect the nervous system. The teal colour was chosen to compliment the authoritive blue of the NZCA but evoke a brighter energy. This was paired with a curved typeface that feels soft, human and friendly.



The challenge •

Workshop facilitation

Research from a Colmar Brunton survey revealed we were up against longheld misconceptions about chiropractic care. This new brand had the almighty task of combating these beliefs and changing public perception.

The chiropractic profession as a whole needed to be repositioned.

We needed to find a new story to tell.



Change the narrative •

Brand strategy

While chiropractic has long been associated with the spine, we discovered the real magic is its effect on the nervous system. The nervous system controls the function of the entire body, from energy levels to athletic performance, to how well we age. Regular chiropractic care has the power to not only relieve tension, but enhance quality of life!

This point of difference was the key to a story that would finally change the conversation from back pain, to ongoing wellbeing.

To rise above countless other wellbeing trends, Chiropractic New Zealand claimed a position we defined as ‘Intelligent Wellness’.



The big idea •

Brand story

Chiropractors’ firmly believe in an an holisitic approach. The brand was grounded in the ethos that small spinal adjustments combined with simple lifestyle changes can have significant effects on health and vitality.

The big idea – Small changes can change everything.

Our unique brand-building process gave the Association the confidence and tools to tell the real story of chiropractic. We implemented the brand through a website that would act as a central hub of trusted information about chiropractic. 



The brand spirit •

Brand essence
Digital marketing

Chiropractic essentially helps the body to heal itself. So the real power lies within each individual person. Communicating this power was central to the brand’s creative expression. Rather than default to the conventional role of a caregiver, like most in the health industry, the brand connects with the audience by placing them as the hero of the story. Vibrant imagery depicts the public as strong, capable and responsible for their own health.



Brand activation •

Social media channels

We needed to follow through on the brand mission and empower the public to take care of their own wellbeing.

How do you empower people? You put them in control.

Social media was an opportunity to extend the brand with health resources. Bite sized content offering achievable wellness tips that would start to shift the perception of chiropractic from a 'quick fix' for pain, to preventative healthcare and wellbeing.


"Heather led our working group artfully down a path to gain clarity and focus of intent. Her skill in distilling a great deal of information down to a single, powerful dewdrop of a concept, that encapsulates so much, on so many levels, was astounding."

Patricia Warhurst, National Operations Manager
New Zealand Chiropractors' Association

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