The power of nature is within you

Tahi Skincare

The beauty industry has made skincare synthetic and complicated, creating a disconnect between people and Papatūānuku (our earth mother). But Tahi believes that by returning to bush traditions, harnessing native extracts and cultivating a love for nature, we have all we need for health and healing. 

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Brand strategy
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Clarify the vision •

Brand strategy

After analaying competitors, we found Tahi was about neither beauty nor medicine, but rather wellness. Here we found a unique position and claimed a new category, Self-Care Skin-Care. However, in a market saturated with products that use the cliche of ‘Mother Nature’ as a paternal caregiver, it was important to take a bolder approach. The creative concept was inspired by the idea that strength and intelligence is in all of nature.

And therefore it is within each of us also.

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Bring it to life •

Visual identity
Brand story

The minimalistic logo forms a design element to hold the story, so when images are placed inside they clearly show the connection between people and nature. Reinforcing the tagline ‘we are one’. Carefully chosen imagery reveals similarities between nature and the body, evoking a sense of connectedness and primal power. By juxtaposing wild landscapes with bare skin, we created a brand that feels intimate but also fierce. A brand that is neither masculine nor feminine.  

Simply human.



Spread the word •

Packaging design
Website design

We positioned Marino as a wellness oil. The water-like icon signifies a relaxed and clear mind.

Ngaruru was made for the whole family, so the icon takes inspiration from the native koru, symbolising new life and growth.

Horoi is a beauty oil and the icon is a celebration of the different skin characteristics that make us unique. Things like freckles, moles, even scars. We wanted to inspire people to embrace their natural beauty.

Tuhono is an oil aimed at men, so the topographic icon was designed to represent a connection to the land and a life spent outdoors.


"I am so happy! Thank you for the time and passion you have put into developing Tahi. You will forever be part of this journey with us."

Jackie Lee, Founder Tahi Skincare